Jaime and Chris are such amazing hosts! Jaime’s cooking is nothing short of phenomenal, and them welcoming people to their home really made for a relaxing atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else. Jaime truly has a gift for being able to create the most unique and delicious flavor combination!!


Jaime is an outstanding chef. It was definitely one of the top three meals I’ve had in Paris thus far. Her cooking is so creative, with unexpected ingredients and fucking delicious flavor combinations. It was such a treat. If you’re in Paris, and want to meet interesting people while simultaneously eating incredible food, you need to try this brunch club. C’est magnifique!

Amy Morton

I have enjoyed a brunch trés delicieuse in the cozy home of Jaime and Chris. They are a lovely and super hospitable couple and Jaime is such a good cook. Plenty of coffee and cocktails, delicious pancakes – I am afraid I am ruined forever now when it comes to breakfast pancakes. They will need to be these cannoli pancakes from now on! So good. Highly recommended, apart from the superb food you will have a lovely Sunday afternoon with good company. Couldn’t wish for more, the perfect way to meet new people!


The passion with which Jaime lives her life transcends itself in to the food she cooks. She is as meticulous as she is creative, and this is evident, as the result is always beautifully plated and delicious. Whether it’s an artfully prepared four course meal, or a repurposed breakfast from last night’s supper, each thing she puts on a plate shows off her creativity and skill. Never one for bland….anything, really, she takes flavor to another level. Many times I have wondered “how did she ever think of putting these ingredients together?” I miss her food, aaaaalllmost as much as I miss her.


J’ai eu la chance de participer au 1er brunch parisien organisé par Jaime & Chris. Plat, dessert, rafraîchissement, tout était prometteur à l’oeil et juste délicieux en bouche; je me rappellerai longtemps de ces “huevos rancheros”. En bonus, un chouette lieu et un moment super convivial. En résumé, allez-y!


I was thrilled and honored to be part of the first Paris Brunch Club last sunday. I’m Mexican and I miss good Mexican food as it is really rare to find it in Paris. Jaime’s “huevos rancheros” are just something not to be missed!! Not even mentioning the delicious “piñada” and “pain perdu”… Everything was excellent. On top of the great food, we had the best time chatting and laughing with the hosts and the 2 new friends we made: Sharon and Devon. Looking forward for my next brunch, to meet new people and especially to find out what delicious stuff Jaime will create for us!!


Paris Brunch Club is THE new place to be on Sundays – relaxed, cozy atmosphere, delicious, inventive dishes – you can’t go wrong! In addition to the amazing food and bottomless coffee, was the added greatness of meeting new people and making new friends. Make it your next brunch stop – you won’t be disappointed 🙂


Chef Jaime is exquisite. Everything she cooks is delicious and mouth-watering. I love the level of detail she puts into each dish and how creative she is with her ingredients. She can turn any boring meal into a party of flavor! It goes without saying that my tummy is always satisfied and happy. Chef Jaime is truly a talented human.