The Basics

Launched as Paris Brunch Club in October 2014, Roma Brunch Club moved from The City of Lights to Rome, the Eternal City, in 2015. We are a couple who fell in love in New York (at brunch here!), moved to Paris and then to Rome. I, Jaime, am Jamaican-born and New York raised, while Chris is a born-and-bred Englishman. We adventure through life with our lovely future superhero daughter, Ruby. Together we:

The Food

Our menu changes to feature both classic and inventive authentic American breakfast and brunch dishes, often infused with flavors from our travels around the world. The food you’ll enjoy at Roma Brunch Club will be fresh, high-quality and void of frozen or pre-packaged goods; I cook everything from scratch to serve up savory and sweet dishes. Wash it all down with boozy brunch cocktails and coffee or tea.

Roma Brunch Club is best suited for guests who are open to a wide range of tastes, as the menu is not typically shared before the event. We don’t serve anything “weird”, but if you consider yourself a picky eater, the unknown may not be best for you. Peruse our past menus to see dishes we have served or contact me to check what will be on the menu. If you have allergies or dietary restrictions, contact us first; we have a small kitchen, I’m the only cook and will do my best to accommodate requests.

Cooking is my passion. The transformative nature of food is such a beautiful thing. That I can turn raw ingredients into something beautiful and delicious is my favorite medium of art and it thrills me to share it with you!

xx, Jaime


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